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Regal Travel Services

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Opdracht: Regal Travel Service krachtiger en onderscheidend in de markt zetten anno 2018. Het concept hebben we bedacht met daarbij een fotoshoot in het Rijksmuseum uitgevoerd en doorgevoerd op de nieuwe website.

Klant: Regal Travel Service
Pakket: 1 en 2: strategie, concept, vormgeving, Powerpoint presentatie en website
Website: https://regaltravel.nl/

Time to “refresh” we thought. Being in business for more than 30 years it was time to bring Regal Travel Service public appearance and marketing into the 21st century. With a straight forward analysis including constructive criticism and a ready to implement plan we arrived in the 21st century.

With her fresh and professional approach she focused right onto the core issues we were facing with our public profile. Her strategies and plans on how to implement and apply the changes has been of great value to us. Her connections within the industry made it easy for us to find the right partners to push forward. With the transparent set up of services and pricing, Many Tastes differs from competition and we could make educated decisions knowing at all times where we stand in terms of services and pricing. We continue working with Many Tastes on further Marketing Projects.

Leon Spit, Regal Travel Service

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