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Food Journeys

Eat, drink, discover the Food Journeys of our Local Chef! Explore Local Chef favourites and taste the diverse Food and drink
with a resident Food Guide offering a local perspective of Amsterdam.

Opdracht: In de markt zetten van het nieuwe bedrijf Food Journeys. Strategie, concept en vormgeving.

Klant: Food Journeys
Pakket: 1 en 2: Strategie, concept, vormgeving en design
Website: https://foodjourneys.nl/

Starting a new business brings challenges and while focusing on creating the perfect product someone easily forgets to create the perfect Branding style, Marketing plan, Website and so much more we’ve never thought off.

Having as partner Many Tastes at our side during the start-up period kept us focused and right on target. With a lot of professional advice, a hands on approach with supporting contacts and creative ideas we launched Food Journeys successfully this year.

Our partnership with Fiorienne continues as we grow Food Journeys.

Nicole Roesch, Food Journeys

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